‘A’ Foods for Healthy Hair

Key word: Antioxidants 'A' is for Apple, Almonds, Avocado, Arugula, Asparagus and Apricots. Who loves food? I'm a foodie so I'm excited about this series starting now! Brace yourselves my darlings, each week we'll learn a thing or two about foods we can add to our diet or look out for healthy hair and growth, from … Continue reading ‘A’ Foods for Healthy Hair


Did you know these oils could…

Welcome to September my lovelies!!! Apologies for being out for so long, but the best part is it was worth it. There are so many oils which we use, sometimes on a daily basis without knowing what they do or thinking they do this when in fact they do the opposite. Many of us have … Continue reading Did you know these oils could…

DIY Recipes for PrePoo

In case you didn't know 'prepoo' (short for pre shampoo), is very beneficial for the hair. It doesn't matter if your hair is natural (unpermed/unrelaxed), relaxed/chemically processed or colored/bleached. It'll do your hair a lot of good!! Wondering what exactly this is? It is the process of applying conditioning treatments such as conditioners, humectants and/or oils … Continue reading DIY Recipes for PrePoo

How I Cut My WashDay Routine In Half;The Night Before Valentines

  When I started transitioning I always dreaded 'wash days'... They were always long and boring or maybe I was too impatient buh by the time I got rid of the relaxed ends and knew my hair a little more, I figured ways to cut corners and products that worked perfectly well. I'm an Eden … Continue reading How I Cut My WashDay Routine In Half;The Night Before Valentines