‘A’ Foods for Healthy Hair

Key word: Antioxidants 'A' is for Apple, Almonds, Avocado, Arugula, Asparagus and Apricots. Who loves food? I'm a foodie so I'm excited about this series starting now! Brace yourselves my darlings, each week we'll learn a thing or two about foods we can add to our diet or look out for healthy hair and growth, from … Continue reading ‘A’ Foods for Healthy Hair


Pears is for Prevention (Fruits,Vegs et Toi?VI)

Prevention they say is better than cure, what better way to prevent Hair problems and diseases than through fruits! You know that fruit shaped like a light bulb, no?or the fruit that a body shape is attributed to, yeah? PEARS PEARS PEARS ...That's the fruit we're going to be reviewing and you'll be amazed to find out … Continue reading Pears is for Prevention (Fruits,Vegs et Toi?VI)