Winter Getaway 2015!!!


Everyone loves a getaway no matter how far or close it is, especially when it’s to a destination with almost perfect weather or at the least, one better than where you are. Whether its it’s the harmattan you are faced with or the cold snow, this period your hair would require more TLC (Tender loving care) than other seasons. You would realize your hair will become dry, frizzy annoying and brittle… breaking at every chance it gets…Not to worry, here are a few tips and tricks you should know if you are stuck in weathers such as these and also little tips to note when planning a getaway. Will be vacaying in a couple of days to somewhere really nice, hope to blog about it soon… Enjoy….. Continue reading “Winter Getaway 2015!!!”


Travel & Fro Essentials

dsc_0261Last month I had the chance to spend one of the Muslim festival holidays in Dubai. Before I started packing, I checked my weather app to see what the weather was like, which ended up being hotter than my Country of origin-Nigeria. I had to write a list of what I needed (I learnt that from my mom so you don’t forget anything). Continue reading “Travel & Fro Essentials”