‘G’ Foods for Healthy hair

Keyword: Growth

G is for: Garlic, Ginger, Guava, Grapes…

Growth is one important word for the Natural hair journey and life’s journey too. Most times people who don’t see growth believe their hair isn’t healthy, this isn’t always the case. Continue reading “‘G’ Foods for Healthy hair”


‘F’ Foods for Healthy hair

Keyword: Folic acid (Folate)

F is for: Flour, Fig, Flaxseed, Fish, Fruits…

Folic acid(Folate) is an essential nutrient for the human body to function, a deficiency of which can lead to hair loss and stunted growth!

It is a water soluble B vitamin that helps to speed up hair growth process.

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‘A’ Foods for Healthy Hair

Key word: Antioxidants

‘A’ is for Apple, Almonds, Avocado, Arugula, Asparagus and Apricots.

Who loves food? I’m a foodie so I’m excited about this series starting now! Brace yourselves my darlings, each week we’ll learn a thing or two about foods we can add to our diet or look out for healthy hair and growth, from A-Z! Excited?

According to Cambridge dictionary, ‘an antioxidant is a substance that slows down the rate at which something decays because of oxidization’.

The human body naturally produces free radicals that cause damage in our bodies Continue reading “‘A’ Foods for Healthy Hair”