The L.O.C Way to Moisture Retention for Natural Hair

Hey guys,

I hope you had a good week. Is anyone excited about Easter approaching? Anyhoos, just reminding you the little ways to keep your hair moisturized this period; the LOC method is one of the effective ways to achieve that.

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How Water = Healthy Hair

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So recently it’s been (pardonne-moi) freaking HOT!! I can’t even explain it well except for saying that the water from the shower feels like it was mixed with boiled hot water, you’ld either need an air conditioning system in the bathroom or put half a bucket of water in the fridge half an hour before you shower( that is if you don’t wanna be sweating right after you turn of the shower)!!

Anyways this got me drinking lots and lots of water that you could literally hear the water rumble when I shake my belly *giggles*….This brings me to what I’ll like to write about – WATER(AQUA)…. Have you ever wondered why it takes not watering a plant for it to dry and wither away? Is water really that important? I hope after reading this you’ll ditch all them sodas/soft drinks and gulp as much water as you can everyday….Let’s look at some important tricks water can do to our Hair….. Continue reading “How Water = Healthy Hair”